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Some clients prefer the power of having other goal-oriented professionals for support, feedback, and dynamic conversations. These 6-month group coaching roundtable includes one monthly roundtable meeting and one private monthly one-on-one coaching session. Master Classes are run twice a year or can be hosted within an organization.

Others are pressed for time and prefer to work alone.  Our online courses provide a structure to begin the process of articulating themselves and their vision and value.  These course are 4 module courses with homework and quizzes for accountability.

The Visible Leader – Be Seen as Leadership Material – In-Person

Just because you have what it takes to be a leader material doesn’t mean you are SEEN as leadership material. It is easy to believe that doing a great job is enough. But in the competitive world in which we work, that is rarely enough to get ahead.

Understanding how you are perceived and how to maximize you visibility can make the difference in the trajectory of your career.

Command a Room – Leadership Presence for Women – In-Person

Companies around the world are devoting resources developing executive presence in their high potential employees. Executive Presence is much more than how you look. It’s about your authentic leadership style, your confidence, and your ability to communicate and persuade others.

However, women face unique challenges when developing a professional presence which achieves a balance between an organization’s expectations and their individual authentic leadership style. This workshop is designed for women to identify their authentic presence, enhance their professional influence and allow them to communicate with confidence and influence.

Investor Pitch Coach Formula Online

Successful entrepreneurs and investors know the power of a great pitch. It conveys the power of your idea clearly and quickly and makes the investor want to hear more. Many will tell you WHAT makes a good investor pitch – a compelling story, a great deck and make sure you own the room. But, no one tells you HOW to do it. We do. We will work with you to create a great pitch, learn how to present it and put together an amazing deck.

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