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Command a Room

Don’t Let Another Year Pass You By! Make 2015 the Year You…

  • Get That Promotion
  • Make Partner
  • Find Your Dream Job
  • Accelerate Your Career to the Next Level

How? By Mastering the Art of ‘Executive Presence’


Confidence Trumps IQ in Predicting Success.

However, most women focus on competence, not confidence. Competence is related to ability. Confidence is related to perception. Both in how we perceive ourselves and, more importantly, how others perceive us. It is about presence.

“Executive Presence” counts for 26% of what it takes to get promoted, according to a study by the Center for Talent Innovation in New York that surveyed 268 senior executives.

Executive presence, is about your authentic leadership style, your confidence, and your ability to communicate and persuade others.

The good news is a strong executive presence, an authentic leadership style, and even confidence can be coached and developed.

This series brings together an intimate group of engaged and successful executive women to learn the tools and skills that will allow you to craft and embody your ideal and authentic executive presence – and by extension command a room.

This step-by-step Master Class includes:

  • Monthly group sessions focused around a structured curriculum, designed to build and strengthen all the elements of executive presence, as well as a facilitated discussion
  • Monthly private coaching sessions with Monique Maley to implement  strategies and tactics personalized to your individual needs

If you join the Master Class, you will:

  • Enhance your professional influence
  • Overcome communications obstacles that can undermine your executive presence
  • Learn tactics which allow to you command a room
  • Be able to comfortably sell your product, your vision, or yourself
  • Ignite engagement from your team
  • Articulate your personal brand for business development
  • Identify the next steps to elevate your career or business

Duration: 6 Months: 6 Group Meetings and 6 One-on-One Coaching Sessions
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