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Thu Sep 29, 2016

5 Ways To Meet Less and Accomplish More

One of the greatest productivity (and morale) killers out there is the dreaded meeting. Have you ever factored what percentage of your time at work is spent in meetings? Middle managers, on average spend 35% of the week in meetings, while upper management can spend upwards of 50%. The worst part is that generally speaking [...]

Tue Sep 27, 2016

Choose The Right Communication Channels

When it comes to business communication – whether it’s communicating with employees, investors or clients – the channel you use to deliver your message is as important as what you are trying to say. You need to choose the right communication channels to make sure your message is seen, heard and understood. Here’s a fool-proof [...]

Thu Sep 22, 2016

Improve Team Communication With The ABC’s – Part 2

We last discussed the challenges that come in the workplace as the speaker. Team communication extends beyond being the speaker though. To improve team communication with the ABC’s you must also be an effective listener. Regardless of your place on the proverbial totem pole – you owe it to those around you to be an [...]

Thu Sep 15, 2016

Improve Team Communication With The ABC’s – Part 1

The workplace comes with its own challenges and personalities. One of the most difficult parts of working with others – is working with others. Finding a way to work cohesively on a project with people who don’t think, work or act like you can be mind boggling – as a leader and as an employee. [...]

Tue Sep 13, 2016

Leaders Who Delegate Communicate Confidence and Conviction

The best leaders – those that are most admired and respected – do not get to that status alone. They do it with a talented team who they utilize to their maximum potential in order to produce the results that get noticed. Leaders who delegate know they are communicating strength as a leader and faith in their [...]

Thu Sep 8, 2016

8 Meeting Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making

We would all prefer a root canal to sit through or even run a meeting – they are a necessary evil we just can’t avoid. One of the reasons that meetings are such a drag is that most just aren’t run the right way. Read on to find out about the meeting mistakes you shouldn’t [...]

Tue Aug 30, 2016

Avoiding Coworkers Is Killing Your Career

If there is only one guarantee to working with others – it’s that there will always be that one person who just rubs you the wrong way.  Maybe it’s Phil that makes inappropriate jokes constantly or Jane who seems to consume onions for every meal. It could be Roger that thinks he knows everything or [...]

Thu Aug 25, 2016

Hire Based on Results, Not Reproductive Status

I just read an article in Fortune about companies like Go Daddy and Instacart running “returnship” programs for women who have taken time off work to have children or care for family.  These are essentially 18 week internships where companies can test out candidates for full time roles. WHAT??? Why in the world do women who [...]