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Wed Oct 7, 2020

Your Vote Is Your Voice


I grew up with a lawyer father who loved American history and the law. I also had a mother who I watched become a US citizen after 20 years here. Civics and voting were conversations had in my home from a young age. Since then, I have never missed a vote. Even when I [...]

Your Vote Is Your Voice2020-10-08T13:29:44-06:00
Wed Sep 16, 2020

Common Ground as the Antidote to Isolation


The past few months have felt isolating for most people both professionally and personally. But it’s not just staying at home and meeting over Zoom that’s done this to us. Smiles: When we go out, we wear masks. They are essential and, in a way say “I’m wearing this to keep you safe” but they [...]

Common Ground as the Antidote to Isolation2020-10-08T14:50:44-06:00
Wed Apr 15, 2020

Spectator to Participant: Tips to Navigate Your Next Virtual Meeting


There is no shortage of great articles currently circulating the internet about how to be a better Virtual Meeting Host. My only issue with this is that they all focus on helping those leading the meetings but what about those attending the meetings? Attendees? ‘Why does it matter to be a better attendee?' You [...]

Spectator to Participant: Tips to Navigate Your Next Virtual Meeting2020-10-08T14:54:44-06:00
Mon Mar 16, 2020



Coronavirus concerns mean you now working from home. Are you wondering to make sure you can make the most of the time? While it sounded great when you were making the trek into work on a cold or rainy day, now you get to live the reality. Sure, the commute is great and all [...]

Tue Aug 7, 2018

The Best Leaders regularly “Walk the Factory Floor”


Using the term ‘walking the factory floor’ may seem dated to some. In truth, there are so few factories in our country anymore and I would venture to guess that most CEO’s of those factories don’t even have an office on-site. So how can they walk the floor? However, the term is still highly [...]

The Best Leaders regularly “Walk the Factory Floor”2018-07-29T13:53:42-06:00
Tue Jul 31, 2018

One company’s innovative approach to creating persuasive leaders


Today I spoke with a very innovative and proactive organization that has allocated time, space, resources and more importantly, leadership support in ensuring everyone presents and communicates as effectively as possible. They have moved far beyond the one-time presentation skills workshop. They have a room dedicated to receiving meaningful and constructive feedback on speeches, [...]

One company’s innovative approach to creating persuasive leaders2018-07-29T14:07:44-06:00
Tue Jul 24, 2018

Empathy Makes Leaders Powerful


Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash Empathy is not a term people would normally think of as an essential quality of leadership. Although history and studies show that leaders who truly listen to, understand and actively value their employees are the most successful by any measure. Empathy is defined as ‘the action [...]

Empathy Makes Leaders Powerful2018-07-15T20:39:07-06:00
Tue Jul 17, 2018

Body Language, Politicians, and Fireworks


Photo by Clément M. on Unsplash It seems that today’s politics provide almost limitless examples of how non-verbal communication conveys more than what is actually said. It can help to support and strengthen our message and presence or undermine it. Recently we had a dramatic example of the latter. As Peter Strzok [...]

Body Language, Politicians, and Fireworks2018-07-17T10:35:52-06:00