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Tue Aug 7, 2018

The Best Leaders regularly “Walk the Factory Floor”


Using the term ‘walking the factory floor’ may seem dated to some. In truth, there are so few factories in our country anymore and I would venture to guess that most CEO’s of those factories don’t even have an office on-site. So how can they walk the floor? However, the term is still highly [...]

The Best Leaders regularly “Walk the Factory Floor”2018-07-29T13:53:42-06:00
Tue Jul 31, 2018

One company’s innovative approach to creating persuasive leaders


Today I spoke with a very innovative and proactive organization that has allocated time, space, resources and more importantly, leadership support in ensuring everyone presents and communicates as effectively as possible. They have moved far beyond the one-time presentation skills workshop. They have a room dedicated to receiving meaningful and constructive feedback on speeches, [...]

One company’s innovative approach to creating persuasive leaders2018-07-29T14:07:44-06:00
Tue Jul 24, 2018

Empathy Makes Leaders Powerful


Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash Empathy is not a term people would normally think of as an essential quality of leadership. Although history and studies show that leaders who truly listen to, understand and actively value their employees are the most successful by any measure. Empathy is defined as ‘the action [...]

Empathy Makes Leaders Powerful2018-07-15T20:39:07-06:00
Tue Jul 17, 2018

Body Language, Politicians, and Fireworks


Photo by Clément M. on Unsplash It seems that today’s politics provide almost limitless examples of how non-verbal communication conveys more than what is actually said. It can help to support and strengthen our message and presence or undermine it. Recently we had a dramatic example of the latter. As Peter Strzok [...]

Body Language, Politicians, and Fireworks2018-07-17T10:35:52-06:00
Wed Jun 27, 2018

It’s not just your message; it’s your delivery that matters.


Credit: bbc.com Last night, there was a huge upset in not only New York democratic politics, but national democratic politics. A 28-year-old first-time, female candidate beat a 10-term congressman. Wow. How does that happen? The answer is simple – message and delivery. This morning, as all the pundit and paper did a [...]

It’s not just your message; it’s your delivery that matters.2018-06-27T15:30:06-06:00
Tue Jun 26, 2018

Texting is Not Communication


Photo by William Iven on Unsplash It is not about saying something or being heard. It is about communing about something and being understood. I know texting is everything right now. In the past couple of years, it has become a common way to correspond professionally. Now, I realize I am biased [...]

Texting is Not Communication2018-06-10T19:40:01-06:00
Tue Jun 19, 2018

Trust Can Accelerate Your Business


Photo by Oliver Roos on Unsplash As companies grow, leaders need to inspire everyone to move in the same direction. Rapid growth can make this challenging because things move quickly and schedules get packed, so individuals don’t always know which direction the organization is moving. The answer to this is trust. If [...]

Trust Can Accelerate Your Business2018-06-10T19:30:23-06:00
Thu Jun 14, 2018

STOP explaining


Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash I work with professionals across industries of all ages and at all levels.  There is one sure “tell” that they are not confident in themselves or their job – they can’t stop explaining. If you have ever had a friend give you a long winded, detailed [...]

STOP explaining2018-06-10T19:20:57-06:00