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Communication is the life blood of any organization and a clot at any one point can wreak havoc everywhere. Often the challenges organizations face require a broader yet still customized solution. We work with companies to develop programs to help them achieve their short and long term strategic goals.

Women’s Leadership Development

Today’s organization realize that true diversity within their organizations is more than just ticking a box. They realize that diversity in leadership can lead to better decision-making,  broader perspectives and a stronger bottom line. They also know that hiring from within is not only more cost effective, it also brings institutional memory and greater team buy in.  However, developing the female talent for leadership roles takes structure, a clear curriculum and defined metrics. Finding the time, expertise and individuals within the organization who can develop and lead a Women’s Leadership Program is challenging.  We begin by meeting with stakeholders to assess and define goals and metrics.  We then develop a customized program with assessments and detailed curriculum. Finally we coordinate program modules and speakers, facilitate discussions and evaluate final metrics.

M&A Integration

When companies merge or are acquired the organizations spend a great deal of time and money aligning the IT systems, the payroll systems even the external communication to clients and influencers. However, they pay little to no attention to how internal communication systems are affecting their teams, project and outcomes.  This often leads to attrition of top talent, dysfunctional teams and project overruns of time and money.  We work with organizations to craft the language of the new organization, assuring that everyone is on the same page, expectations are clear and the new strategies are implemented.

Brand Articulation

How the leaders and employees of an organization articulate the vision and value can affect the ability to close a sale, retain a client even build the brand.  However, more often than not if you speak to any cross-section of an organization’s workers, even the leadership team, the message they deliver is rarely the same.  How can you truly build your brand or your business if others are not clear what you stand for?  We help individuals within an organization deliver clear, unified and compelling elevator and sales pitches through video evaluation and addressing both verbal and non-verbal challenges.