“Command a Room – 7 Fundamental Skills of Women’s Leadership”

  • Learn about the 7 skills that can make a difference in any career
  • Learn tactical steps you can take to improve these 7 skills
  • Identify verbal and non-verbal communication that slows promotions
  • Identify which challenges are holding you back

“The Visible Leader – Essential Guide to Building Credibility and Influence

  • Enhance your professional influence and confidence
  • Learn tactics which allow you strengthen your executive presence
  • Ignite engagement within your team
  • Uncover hidden obstacles that may be sabotaging your success

“The Language of Your Business – Aligning Communication to Culture”

  • Identify the disconnect between the stated culture and the real one
  • Learn how drafting a communication plan can increase success of a merger
  • Understand the risks and rewards of misaligned culture and communication
  • Discover how the language of your culture affects recruitment & retention

“Managers as Coaches – How conversation, not annual reviews are helping grow organizations”

  • Learn why major organizations are moving away from the annual review
  • Identify & support managers who have coaching skills
  • Develop a training process for your managers
  • Understand the power of coaching conversations

“Virtual Communication – Is anybody there?”

  • Learn the biggest misconceptions about virtual communication
  • Identify strategies to improve team communication – virtually
  • Building rapport and relationships that are more than virtual
  • Techniques to help teams and projects be more successful
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