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Fast Track Your Influence at Work and Become

The Visible Leader

It’s a new year and you have set your goals for 2015.  But do you know how you are going to achieve them? You want to get ahead, get noticed, and have greater influence at work.

How much time and money did you spend on books, tapes, or podcasts to work towards your goals in 2014? Can you even remember?  Were they actionable?  Can you measure the difference they have made in your career?

Make 2015 the Year When Your Goals Become a Reality

Just because you have what it takes to be leadership material doesn’t mean you are SEEN as leadership material. 

It is easy to believe that doing a great job is enough.  But in the competitive world in which we work, you need more to get ahead.

To be a leader at any level requires a strong presence, the power to persuade, and the ability to engage. Maximizing your visibility and being heard can make the difference in the trajectory of your career.

Join Me for the 2015 ‘The Visible Leader’ Master Class.

This program is designed for executives and high-potential professionals who are looking to gain influence.

A small group of professionals will meet once a month for action-oriented curriculum, facilitated discussion, and dynamic networking. Then you will get a private one-on-one coaching session once a month to hone in on specific skills and tactics to build your presence, polish, and confidence.

This Master Class is right for you if you want to:

  • Enhance your professional influence and confidence
  • Get noticed and be heard
  • Learn tactics which allow you to command a room
  • Ignite engagement from your team
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success

You Are Only Six Months Away from Growing Your Influence.

 I’m offering complimentary discovery sessions for anyone wanting more information and insight.  If you are interested in taking the next step or want to know more, contact me directly at 

Research shows that passion, connection, knowledge, and credibility account for over 50% of communications impact, and great communicators make great leaders. (Source: Quantified Communications)

Make 2015 the Year You Fast Track Your Influence and Get Ahead.

Action Oriented Curriculum

3 Cs of Communication: Your Professional Presence
Body Language and Your Voice: Embody your Executive Presence
Business Development: Articulating Your Vision and Message
Present Like a Rock Star: From ‘Off the Cuff’ to Board Meetings
Engagement: Team Communication and Conversation Coaching
Influence and Persuasion: Putting It All together

Class Details

Monthly Meeting: 8 am to 10 am
Monthly Coaching: To be scheduled to the needs of each participant.
Start Date: January 28th
Duration: 6 Months
Cost: $3000  for the 6 month program