Best Leaders Regularly Walk The Factory Floor

Using the term ‘walking the factory floor’ may seem dated to some. In truth, there are so few factories in our country anymore and I would venture to guess that most CEO’s of those factories don’t even have an office on-site. So how can they walk the floor? However, the term is still highly relevant and essential for the success of any leader and by extension, the business they run.

It is essential that leaders remember to connect with and listen to those who are working ‘on the factory floor’, whether it is a large open co-working space full of engineers or the staff that runs the company commissary. These are the best people to let you know how things are running, what is working and what is not. They often have the most simple and cost-effective solutions to problems the company faces.

So, avoid the dangers of only hearing what those closest to you have to say. Take the time to listen to those who see and hear things that you need to make the best decisions for your business.

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