“I want to thank you again for speaking to the WLM community.  The feedback thus far has been very powerful and your message was terrific.”
Rhonda Parouty
HP Software, Enterprise Security Products


“Thanks Monique. The best three hours I have spent in a long time. Good job!”
Phyllis Snodgrass
COO, Austin Chamber of Commerce


“You have been transformational in preparing me for the public speaking event. I could have worked on this for a year and never gotten to where you got me in two short sessions. Thank you!”
Yvonne Tocquigny
CEO Tocquigny


“I have worked with other business coaches… Non have had her level of expertise, understanding and clarity… They tend to follow a formula… To me Monique is in the Ivy League… She knows all the formulas… Her magic is her ability to apply them to me in context of the world in which we live in now.”
Lisa Phillips
CEO MadHeart
Co-Founder Peek-a-Vue


“We contracted with Articulate Persuasions to work with some of our companies, on a relatively “light touch” basis:  no more than one meeting per week.  The goal was to clarify the funding narrative and re-cut the pitch deck to reflect that new clarity.  The results were nothing short of transformative.  The AP clients all significantly improved their story and the .ppt behind itBased on these results, we plan to re-retain Monique Maley/Articulate Persuasion.”
Isaac Barchas
Director, Austin Technology Incubator


“This workshop has had a tremendous impact on how I think, present myself and communicate with others to emphasize my unique brand.”
Sarah Elliot
PMB Helin Donovan LLP


“Our team has found great success incorporating the skills and techniques you taught us in your workshops. We draw from what we learned from you on a daily basis as we prepare for meetings, pitches and presentations. We are having a banner year and Articulate Persuasion is proving to be a valuable component to our increase in revenue.”
Hunter Lankford
Director, Business Development
Cushman & Wakefield / Oxford Commercial


“Our company worked closely with Articulate Persuasion to hone our investor presentation over the course of several weeks. It was clear within the first hour of work that Monique has a unique ability to quickly understand the communication problems our team was struggling with.  In the end, Articulate Persuasion challenged us on all of our assumptions, improved the clarity of our message, and vastly improved the effectiveness of our presentation.”
Todd Davidson
CEO & Co-Founder


“Monique’s sensibilities and perspective make her an extraordinary coach and counsel. She brings a richness of experiences to all of her work leveraging storytelling and an innate ability to understand how to connect to the audience. I truly believe that our work together has forever changed my understanding and focus of how I approach formal speaking engagements, pitches and talks.”
Jeff Sharpe
Creative Director | Architect
WorkShop + TEDxAustin


“Monique’s message had high impact, and her delivery style was engaging and humorous. The content was very relevant, even for our diverse group of seasoned, professionals.”
Professional Women’s Association


“Monique was masterful at hearing our story, structuring the sound bites and slides that resonate most with investors, and coaching me to confidently and effectively pitch given different timing and audiences. The investor feedback and participation in our round has been tremendous!”
Karen Bantuveris
Founder and CEO
Volunteer Spot


“Monique was invaluable by helping me take a technical pitch and build a story that anyone – technical on non-technical – would get.  Monique’s expertise in communications goes beyond investor decks.  Monique is a master at positioning for customer facing pitches as well.”
Michael Garel


“I am very excited about completing my work with Monique. She has helped me with breathing and voice exercises so I can improve my public speaking. She is compassionate and inspiring with the process. She has a very relaxed and easy going attitude and I feel at ease learning from her.”
Vicki Woodcock
Chief Operating Officer
The First Tee of Greater Austin


“Monique brings to her clients an open and honest assessment of their skills as a speaker. She pinpoints strengths and weaknesses with clear, easy to understand tactics for improving. All you have to do is hear Monique speak to know she’s good at what she does.”
Tammy Hale


“Her focus, creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to see a project through really made a difference for us. She is an excellent communicator and a committed team player. On top of these attributes, she is delightful to work with.”
Dan Matheson
Matheson Law Partners PLLC


“Monique coached me through negotiating the most important partnership in our organization’s history. With her guidance, we successfully negotiated the partnership twice as fast and with better results.

Monique has the unique ability to understand both the short- and the long-game of influence and persuasion, and how to master both. Unequivocally, she will be my first phone call when preparing for those conversations where it seems like everything is on the line.”
Zoe Schlag

“Monique and Articulate Persuasion were amazing to work with. Monique brings a very seasoned confidence which is exactly what the Techstars teams needs. Monique worked with our program from day one, helping with elevator pitches and all the way through to helping the teams prepare for Demo Day. Monique was incredible and we feel very fortunate that we get to work with her at Techstars Austin
Amos Schwartzfarb
Managing Director
Techstars Austin

“Working with Monique allowed me to hit the ground running in my speaking career. Instead of fumbling around as I worked out the kinks in my content and delivery, Monique helped me craft a compelling speech and deliver it powerfully. When audiences thank me for a great talk, they should really be thanking her.”
Zach Obront
Book in a Box