Interactive Half-day, Full-day, or Multi-day Workshops

The Visible Leader – Be Seen as Leadership Material

Just because you have what it takes to be a leader material doesn’t mean you are SEEN as leadership material. It is easy to believe that doing a great job is enough. But in the competitive world in which we work, that is rarely enough to get ahead. Understanding how you are perceived and how to maximize you visibility can make the difference in the trajectory of your career.

Command a Room – Leadership Presence for Women

Companies around the world are devoting resources developing executive presence in their high potential employees. Executive Presence is much more than how you look. It’s about your authentic leadership style, your confidence and your ability to communicate and persuade others. However, women face unique challenges when developing a professional presence which achieves a balance between an organization’s expectations and their individual authentic leadership style. This workshop is designed for women to identify their authentic presence, enhance their professional influence and allow them to communicate with confidence and influence.

Creating Connection – Using Your Elevator Pitch for Business Development

No matter what we do for a living we need to persuade others to buy our product, hire our company or fund our business. To do that, we need to be able to articulate our value proposition. The elevator pitch has many levels and endless uses when building your business, network and career. This workshop looks at how to craft an elevator pitch for every situation which aligns not only with your personal brand, but with your company’s brand as well.

Persuasion and Influence – Giving Speeches That Matter

No one wants to be the one to give the boring or tedious speech. Whether at a conference, at a board meeting or to group of prospective clients, we all have occasions which require us to give speeches which are compelling and memorable. Following a structured methodology, this workshop teaches step by step how to craft a great speech, create rapport with your audience and deliver for maximum influence.

How to Present Like a Star:
Presentation Skills for Board Meetings, Staff Meetings, and Everything in Between

Everyone has sat through long and painful presentations littered with confusing slides no seeming relevance to us and a droning delivery by the presenter. We never want that presenter to be us. However being a strong presenter can mean the difference between landing a new client, getting funding or persuading leadership of a new idea. This workshop gives you and your team the tools to give energizing, compelling and dynamic presentations – from messaging, to graphics to delivery.

Video Killed the Radio Star – Virtual Conversations in the 21st Century

In today’s business environment more and more conversations are happening virtually. Whether on the phone or via Skype, there are challenges inherent in not meeting face to face. This workshop addresses these challenges and discusses strategies to build rapport, avoid misunderstandings and create impact and influence virtually.

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