Retaining Employees Isn’t Rocket Science

retaining employees

There are hundreds of articles, books, conferences and consultants focusing on the subject of Retaining Employees.  Here’s an article I wrote not long ago.

The truth is it’s not rocket science.  Employees stay where they are heard, valued and appreciated.  How to accomplish this is as diverse as your industry, your organization and your workforce.


You need to deeply understand your true company culture (this may not be the same as the one painted on the break room wall).


You need to train your leaders and managers to understand the individuals on their team. Understanding what motivates and inspires them allows for customization and a greater likelihood of success.


You need to be open and welcoming to your workforce. This means if you have a town hall don’t shut them down when they ask questions. If they speak up let them know you heard them. If change is coming, keep them in the loop. When you are not transparent, employees will always feel you don’t trust them or think there are important enough to know the truth.

The secret to retaining employees is no secret at all – respect, openness and honest conversations. In our busy work world we don’t often take the time to notice if we are truly valuing our most valuable asset. Take the time, create a plan, invite feedback and watch your retention numbers grow.


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