You Can’t Afford To Be Invisible At Work – Increase Your Visibility To Increase Credibility

Have you ever noticed that there are some people that you can’t help but notice? They stand out, take charge and command a room. They are also who you are up against for advancement opportunities at work. You can’t afford to be invisible at work. You must increase your visibility to increase credibility and get ahead.

increase your visibility

Increasing your visibility doesn’t have to be a painful process. You can start by finding small ways to step outside your comfort zone. Even small things – like joining others when going out for lunch rather than eating at your desk can increase your visibility and help others remember your name next time a big project comes up.

Step Up

Be willing to speak up and volunteer to take on new roles and responsibilities. Being a risk taker is a good thing – that’s what’s needed for leadership. If you only sit behind the safety of your computer and do the tasks that trickle down your way you’ll never be seen as leadership material.

Speak Up

You can also increase your visibility and your credibility by doing your research and being the voice of reason. Dedicate time each day to research and educating yourself. In the next meeting speak up when you have relevant information to share and take the initiative to suggest solutions. Not only will colleagues take notice, you’ll also earn their respect. Besides if you’re on a conference call and don’t speak up, were you on the call?

Toot your Horn

As with almost every aspect of business – one of the best ways to increase visibility and credibility is through communication. Provide others with regular updates regarding your projects and check in with them as well to see if there is any way for you to help. Small talk goes a long way too – ask your manager about his or her weekend, their friends or their last 5K – while it may seem trivial personal relationships go a long way in increasing visibility. Water cooler moments are also perfect for tooting your own horn in a non-bragging way. You can increase your visibility by casually mentioning that you were able to finish your project ahead of deadline or you came in under budget. These casual comments will stick in minds and put you in contention the next time a project with a tight timeline and budget comes up.

Increasing your visibility is critical to advancing careers. Being someone people know, respect and can rely on to get the job done is a sure track to leadership roles. Make sure you’re doing what it takes to get noticed and get ahead.


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