Conversations are an integral part of leading. They happen hundreds of times in the course of a day across the organization. If even half of those conversations are ineffective, happen too late, or don’t happen at all, they become a potential source of turbulence in every facet of your company.

One-sided conversations with yourself are as unproductive and occasionally as damaging as one-sided conversations with others. They are influenced by your beliefs, your experiences, even your mood.

We have all multiple mental tapes that we can play at any one time.

Some tapes may be from a mentor, a dominating board member, or even someone we worked with years ago who is still in our head. These tapes are now part of our internal dialogue. They affect nearly every aspect of our leadership: our mindset, our confidence, our credibility, and for entrepreneurial leaders, our risk tolerance. The skill to master is ensuring you know which tapes deserve to be heard and which tapes are just noise. If you don’t, there will be turbulence.

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