Want to Succeed? Be The One People Can Count On!

be the one people can count on
If you’re looking forward to 2017 and trying to plan your path to success you might be wondering what to work on. Talent is great. Hard work, knowledge and confidence are nice too. If you really want to succeed though, you need to be the one people can count on. The value of being dependable and reliable cannot be overvalued when it comes to business. You will be recognized and rewarded for being there though.

Luckily – you don’t have to be born with the capability to be the one people can count on. It’s a trait you can develop and improve – to your benefit and the benefit of those around you. How can you become the one people can count on?

Under Promise and Over Deliver

There are few things that will undermine others counting on you more than letting people down in the first place. Often out of enthusiasm to get a client or impress a boss, people will make promises they can’t keep. While effort counts for a great deal, results are more important. If you are an expert in your field then you should be able to stick to your guns and convince others that more time or more resources will be the best course. If that project comes in on time and on budget or even early, who do you think they will tap for the next project?

Be Seen

Don’t just do the work assigned to you. Make your passions and desires be known as well. Being an employee the company can count on to learn, grow and willing to take on new projects is vital to both your success and the success of the organization. Be seen as someone who isn’t afraid to try new things, ask for more responsibility and challenge existing ideas. A company that gets stagnant dies so they need to be able to count on people like you to keep it alive.

Be Prepared

If you’re going to be the one people can count on, you need to be prepared. It’s not just important to the Boy Scouts! Research can be tedious but it’s the most important part of any project. It’s what sets the stage for success in everything else you do. So show that you consider the task at hand to be important and show up armed and ready with the information needed to answer almost any question that might arise.

Be Transparent

There will always be a time when a project gets away from you or you are stuck on a challenge you can’t figure out. That’s ok, but you need to let people know. Keeping challenges to yourself in the hope that no one will notice and that they will eventually fix themselves is crazy. Be honest with the client when there are delays.  Let your boss know you need a hand. It is always better to be transparent.  You may be surprised how much patience and good will that will get you.

If people know you as someone they can count on, success will follow close behind!


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