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Everyday opportunities present themselves to us in our career – whether it’s a promotion, closing a big client or meeting with the boss.  But most of us are not ready to take full advantage of these opportunities.  So, they pass us by.

Be ready to take advantage of any opportunity.  

I work with professionals to Articulate their Value, Increase their Influence, instill Trust and Credibility and help them become Confident and Authentic leaders.  


There a few lucky people who alone have mastered the art of personal presence, the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively and  the skill of engaging and influencing any audience.  However, most professionals don’t spend any time working or even thinking about how their presence and message may be letting them down. We believe it is a skill that can be learned and mastered.

There is no one way to communicate with persuasion and influence and there is no template which works for everyone. The key is to identify and develop your own authentic style.  Whether held back by anxiety, diction, body language or messaging, everyone’s obstacles are different.

Through one-on-one coaching, online meetings, group workshops and coaching and training programs, I work  to enhance an individual’s own natural presence and communication style and give them the tools and confidence to present themselves and their ideas anywhere, at any time.

Whether you need to get noticed for a promotion, work on a one time speech, become a more effective leader or if you are looking to elevate your career I can create the ideal program for you.