3 Steps To Be The Star Employee

Every organization has one. That star employee who stands out, stands apart and is surely on the path to success. Love them or hate them- there is no denying we all wish we to be them. The truth is that you can be that star employee if you do the right things to get noticed, get the job done and get ahead.


3 Steps To Be The Star Employee

1) Value

Star employees don’t question whether they are over qualified, under qualified or in the correct department to do a job. They do the work that is assigned to them and more often than not, they also volunteer to take on assignments. They aren’t worried about pecking order on the totem pole, instead they know that they are increasing their knowledge base and honing internal networking by being willing to work on any project with anyone. This not only shows your value, but shows that you are easy to work with.

2) Engagement

Star employees don’t stroll into the meeting five minutes late because they stop to grab a coffee beforehand. They are at the conference table five minutes early, have read the agenda, are prepared with questions and are ready to take notes. Star employees don’t stroll in at 9am to start their workday, exchange small talk, grab breakfast in the break room and finally settle in at their desk around 9:30 or so. They don’t run out the door at 5pm, skip the company parties and find ways to avoid the luncheon seminars. If you want to be taken seriously, you simply cannot do just enough. You have to show you are engaged.

3) Visibility

In order for people to believe that you are invested in the organization and its future, they need to see and hear you in action. If you want to be the star employee, you need to take an interest in everything that has to do with the organization. Ask to sit in on meetings – even if you don’t have a role in that particular meeting. Ask questions about the how and why of everything. They not only provide you with a wider knowledge base, they allow others to understand how you think and get to know you.

Star employees are formed by those people who go above and beyond. They aren’t afraid to roll their sleeves up, get dirty, accept a challenge and get the job finished. Star employees don’t go about boasting or complaining – they walk in with the confidence that they bring value and they are willing to contribute. What can you do tomorrow to show your value, engagement or visibility?



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